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Chris Sorensen and Matt Brocchini are the creators of the Quantitative Product-Market Fit methodology and founders of Q‑PMF.com.

We met in Silicon Valley in 2012 when we were both Entrepreneurs in Residence in the same startup accelerator program. After many lively discussions about how disruption happens, why some companies thrive and others don’t, and how innovation and market share are connected, we realized that our rather different experiences as entrepreneurs and executives had lead us to many of the same conclusions.

We originally formulated the Q-PMF concepts in order to help the startups we were advising get to high product-market fit as quickly as possible. We wanted a framework that promoted clarity, insight, and shared understanding among the team members, and that helped them develop practical and effective innovation strategies. And what do you know, it worked!

To spread the ideas more broadly, we’ve added seminars to our consulting practice. We’re also working on a book about Quantitative Product-Market Fit (see the Beta version here – we’d love your feedback).

Chris Sorensen

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Chris Sorensen Matt Brocchini

Matt Brocchini

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Chris Sorensen is an award winning start-up executive and strategist with a broad range of hands-on experience as CEO, COO, Co-founder, Sales Manager and Product Manager. Key player in raising over $30 Million in funding for early stage companies resulting in $140 Million return to investors. Chris has over 25 years experience on the “front lines” of technology innovation: building the first service to “email money” in the US (RocketCheck), developing the first mobile phone based remittance service (Scoot), and creating the first visual configuration tool for sales force automation (MediaShare). Along the way Chris got his BA/MBA from the University of Illinois and an MS in Learning Sciences from Northwestern University.

Matt Brocchini is a technology & education entrepreneur and executive. He was a founder or early exec in 6 tech startups, with one IPO and one acquisition. After his early days as Director of Product Management at Oracle he founded Helium.com, an innovation consulting firm that designed and built ground-breaking products for clients ranging from Adobe to the San Francisco 49ers to AXA Investment Management. Helium later merged with Nimblefish Technologies, which was sold to RR Donnelley in 2010. Matt is a founding board member and current Board Chair of the Institute for Applied Tinkering, a non-profit that operates Brightworks and Tinkering School and whose mission is fostering innovation in children.